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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

1. Works
ISTD, Lighthouses of Norway
Mary Rose AR
Serif History
YCN, eDesk
yes, Chef
The Blitz in Portsmouth
Futurism Manifesto
White Space

2. Process
Project Process
Research Process
Developing a Publication


I am a Norwegian English designer and explorer. My work focuses on bringing a slight experimental attitude and resolution to my projects. Focusing on finding the loopholes and experementing within the contraints given. 

I am drawn to combining traditional crafts and digital practices, delving into emerging technology and broadening my skill sets. This desire for widening my own skills and humouring my curiosity creates a space where I am able to find new angles and create plans for larger projects, only limmited by time and experience. 

    Homebuilding & Renovating, Zuma Array  —  2022
    NEW DESIGNERS  —  2022
    Graduate Show Case, Portsmouth University  —  2022

    ISTD - International Society of Typographic Designers, award for Lighthouses of Norway project - 2021/22
    YCN Student Awards, commendation for eDesk project — 2020/21

    Graphic Design Bachelor (Hons), Portsmouth Univeristy, received as First Class —  UK, 2022 
    Art, Design & Architecture, Lørenskog Videregående Skole — NO, 2019
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