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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

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ISTD, Lighthouses of Norway
Mary Rose AR
Serif History
YCN, eDesk
yes, Chef
The Blitz in Portsmouth
Futurism Manifesto
White Space

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Project Process
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Mary Rose AR
combining physical models with AR to create an immersive experience

︎ Augmented Reality 
The Mary Rose project is designed to be an immersive experience between the audience and a simulated ship life. 

This project was born out of frustration for children and the immersive activites at the mary rose museum offers them outside of the educational board and school visits. The museum holds an overall dim theme in order to protect and preserve the artifacts there, however it does give the overall museum a dark feel. In addition to this, the museum feels as though it caters mostly to older audiences. When asked about the alternatives to the children i was informed that there are activites set aside for them, if they came with their school. The few activites set out for children visiting with their families are few and far between and seem out of place. 

Overall, the physical model is designed to be interacted with. It is made from acryllic sheets which are laser cut to shape and covered in vinly in order to give it a yellow to ornage gradient. The yellow was chosen as a way to create light and colour in the dark space, and the gradient was chosen to create a visual emphasis on size and height, as well as functioning as a seperation from what would be above and under water. The clear side walls and masts help give context to shape and figure, making it easier to identify as a ship. These proportions are to approximatly 1/50 scale of the full ship. 

The augmented reality model is designed though adobe dimension and adobe aero. The models were created to be a representation of the life on board, simulating a routine and narrartive. The models follow a cooler tone, in order to seperatet themselves from their surroundings easier, additionally the more saturated the colour the more important their role on the ship was. 

Their narrative follows a discussion between the captain, liutennant and the pursur, the captain goes on to speak with the king while the liutennant readies the sails and the crew. The captain comes out on deck and manages the slackers and makes sure everything is in ship shape before returning to the captains quaters. 

When approached the model will start playing sea sounds, and when the phone or mobile device is held closer to the figures their titles will appear. 

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