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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

1. Works
ISTD, Lighthouses of Norway
Mary Rose AR
Serif History
YCN, eDesk
yes, Chef
The Blitz in Portsmouth
Futurism Manifesto
White Space

2. Process
Project Process
Research Process
Developing a Publication


Research Process
How I approach a brief

My project process typically follows a heavy research process that reflects both ideation and development.  I make sure to research related topics and to ensure a through understanding of the brief in question but also educating myself on related topics to ensure the solution is relevant and reflective of its subject. 

These are a few pages from my sketchbook about Lighthouses of Norway. I start off by disecting the brief, then moving on to understanding the functions, technology and history of lighthouses. Combining sources from online articles, books, and national archives. 

In addition, this project required a research trip to the lighthouse, which required preperation, planning and time. This trip ended up being a significant to the final outcome. 

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