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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

1. Works
ISTD, Lighthouses of Norway
Mary Rose AR
Serif History
YCN, eDesk
yes, Chef
The Blitz in Portsmouth
Futurism Manifesto
White Space

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Project Process
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White Space
On White Space in Graphic Design

︎typogrpahy & layout

White Space, originally published by emigre no.26 in 1993 as On White Space in Graphic Design is an article that discusses how white space can and should be used by designers. The magazine layout I came up with emphasises exactly this, white space.

The brief as given had not stated any restrictions as to how the article had to be presented, therefore I took liberty in restructuring the article to reflect a step by step conversational piece compared to the discussion it was structured as previously, by doing that the article became more transitional and organic in material.

White Space is becoming increasingly important for audiences, however modern content, much like content consumed in the 1800s is overwhelming and saturated. Modern consumerism has developed into  hyper consumerism, it allows for no breaks, it allows for no rest. It only allows for consuming, it is overwhelming. The need for visual breaks, to be forced to slow down and actually understand the presented media is becoming a necessity that white space can provide.

Flat Spread

The goal of this piece was to create an organic flow that emphases the content. Over the course of the article the reader would develop a sense of understanding white space and how the spreads reflect it.
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