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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

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a zero waste brand identity 

︎Live Design Brief
    Group Project

Zero Waste. Zero Worries. Ethical Branding that encourages people to eat well and consume responisbly. My responisbilities in the group project was the logo, physical space design, social media presence, packaging and uniform designs. 

The brief was to create a brand idenity focused on zero waste start up company who has a passion for positive wellbeing and zero waste consumption, as well as encouraging people to eat well and consume ethically. 

Deliverables for the brand included a full brand ideneity; logo, business cards, packaging social media and social media campaigns & marketing, and customer products.

The primary icon of the brand idenity is based on a leaf shape, altered and edited to reflect a playful but profesional aesthtic.

The branding is then applied to wide range of products, such as uniforms, zero waste packaging, consumer products and social media.

Aditionally Wicker keeps to a digital presence in order to eliminate as much waste products as possible; such as offering e-reciepts and online ordering forms. 

Reshaping the Future with Ethical Thinking
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