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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

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YCN, eDesk
Commondation earning project

︎ YCN Student Awards 2020/21

This project was made out of the brief presented for the YCN Student awards 2021 on behalf of eDesk. They wanted a solution that presented data as a visual story, to present data as something other than dry and technical. Thus, instead of a poster or conventional packaging design I opened for a packaging design that operates as a PR package.

My aim with the PR package design was to make the box intractable, so that as you interacted you got to know the information more. The more you worked with it, the more it would make sense. The same way that you might understand your information on a surface level, but once you delve into what those statistics are composed of, you get to understand better.

My concept adopts the narrative of expanding eDesk’s user base and awareness of their product through a targeted, direct and personal PR box relevant to the recipient.

This will be done through a PR box which will encourage interaction and be a fun and memorable way of introducing eDesks data and their insights, mimicking how interacting with the data that eDesk provides will reveal more than what is available on the surface level. The PR box was designed to intrigue the recipient, divulging just enough to make the recipient understand who and what eDesk does while driving them to discover and find out more about what eDesk is. This design presents the data. It presents the business. Most of all, it presents opportunities to divulge whilst working with a seemingly dry topic.

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