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Heidi Holter-Hovind, BA

1. Works
ISTD, Lighthouses of Norway
Mary Rose AR
Serif History
YCN, eDesk
yes, Chef
The Blitz in Portsmouth
Futurism Manifesto
White Space

2. Process
Project Process
Research Process
Developing a Publication


yes, Chef
student pantry and recipes

︎ UX/UI Design, Adobe XD

the brief was to create an app that would help university students find likeminded people to make friends despite the restrictions of COVID.

Research informs us that many students struggle with cooking for themselves while at univeristy and in interviews conducted the students admit that they are unsure of which recipies would be within their skills, budget, and diet.

Due to everything being new for university students, it can be tough for them to make friends and to properly take care of themselves. Yes,Chef aims to aliviate that by sugesting recipies that current students are using but also by offering a tinder style match with other students uploading and creating these recipies. Forming a quick and easy way to create connections based on you local area. 

The style of the app is very much inspired by modern simplicity while introducing the use of colour to encourage hunger and health. The menu bars and navigation is designed to be clear and simple for the user to understand and navigate between screens. 

I have also taken into consideration that many students prefer a dark mode compared to a light mode, therefore giving the user options between the two. 

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